Meet the Team



Not just a tutor , but a mentor

Ritesh , a mathematics honours graduate, an IT post-graduate with specialisation in logic and problem solving, possess not only years of experience and expertise in the subject ; but also, an unspoken passion and natural connection for Maths. He strives to give his students more and better than they get at school. His calm yet energetic and engaging methodology excite the students about the world of reasoning, analytic thinking, logic and problem solving. Resulting in less anxious and stressed but more confident and secure students , he assures your child will come away from their sessions feeling enriched and empowered.

His Maths Stand Out !!



From logistics to finance, student well-being to social media marketing, Ruchi (Ritesh’s wife) plays a vital role in Logic-Wizards. She has been an IT professor and a corporate trainer herself for a good decade of her career and thus comprehends the value of evangelism and the role of educator in the students’ life.